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For nearly thirty years, Community Management Associates has provided proven and professional property management throughout Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina.

We bring many assets to every Association we manage including first-class customer service, proactive, experienced property management and cutting edge technology. CMA also prides itself on creating a strong working relationship with our vendors to ensure quality work is performed, vendors are vetted for licensing and insurance, and that the vendor payments are processed accurately and timely.

We have an extensive network of “preferred vendors” who have a track record of delivering quality results – on-time and on (or even under) budget. Our Vendors are insured professionals with stellar references. CMA is one of the largest and most well-recognized Property Management companies, therefore, the best vendors vie for our business.  This means that our managed associations benefit both in terms of lower costs and high quality results.

How to Become a CMA Vendor

To decrease the financial liability of our clients, CMA requires all contractors, vendors, and suppliers to register with Enterprise Risk Control (“ERC”) when agreeing to perform services at at CMA-managed association.An annual fee of $199 will be charged to you by ERC to register. You will be required to register online and to provide information about your company.For more information about ERC, please go to Enterprise RC.

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Why is CMA Partnering with ERC?

CMA must protect the interests of our clients and takes this responsibility quite seriously. This duty includes ensuring contractors performing work in our managed associations have the appropriate and adequate insurance, are properly credentials or licensed to perform the work, and have no criminal business history, etc.

To continue to perform these checks and services in-house has become overly burdensome and is not within CMA’s area of expertise. As such, CMA is partnering with ERC as they have that expertise along with a proven track record handling those matters.

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Benefits to You, Our Vendor

Once you go through this process, CMA will add your company to an exclusive list of CMA-approved vendors of which all have been vetted and held to the same standard as being qualified to work at our CMA-managed associations.

When you bid on a project, you can be confident that the other bidders have invested in the same level of professionalism and insurance coverage (which decreases the likelihood of underbidding due to low overhead).

Your firm is also entered into a database of vendors which is accessible by other professional association management companies.

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Do I have to register and pay for each CMA-managed association at which I do work?

No. You will only have to register once per year and pay the maximum of $199 per year regardless of how many CMA-managed associations for which you perform work.

Why does the contractor have to pay ERC? Why doesn’t CMA pay ERC on behalf of the contractor?

To maintain transparency and avoid any perceived conflict of interest, the contractor must work with ERC independently of CMA.

What if I choose not to register with ERC?

All current and future contractors, vendors, and suppliers will be required to register. After receiving your credentials from ERC, you will have a grace period of thirty (30) days to enroll. Those companies which do not enroll within the thirty (30) day period will unfortunately not be allowed to do business with CMA or CMA-managed associations.

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How to Submit an Invoice

To ensure prompt payment, please submit all invoices by using ONE of the following methods:

Option 1 – Email invoices to (preferred)

  • Send invoices by email OR US Mail only, but please do NOT do both!
  • Include only one invoice per attachment. (Emails can include multiple attachments.)
  • PDF is the preferred invoice submission format.
  • Other accepted invoice submission formats are Word, Excel, JPEG, TIFF, and email with no attachments (where the email itself would be used as the invoice).
  • The association name must appear on the invoices themselves and not just in the email subject line or body. This will ensure your invoice is routed the quickest.

Option 2 – US Mail (note required format):

Association Name
c/o CMA
PO Box 36729
Charlotte, NC 28236

  • Send invoices by email OR US Mail only, but please do NOT do both!
  • The association name and the address shown above must appear on the invoices themselves and not just the envelopes. This will ensure your invoice is routed the quickest.

Partnering with CMA

CMA enjoys a strong bond with our vendors. This has translated to better service to our shared clients (CMA’s managed associations). Vendors often ask us about opportunities to build relationships with our managers.

Partnering with CMA puts your company into an elite group (Partner and Preferred vendors only) which will be permitted to:

  • Meet with our managers through a hosted “lunch and learn” or “breakfast on the go” session at the CMA offices or your company’s office.
  • Provide educational and continuing education courses for our managers at the CMA offices or your company’s office.
  • Participate in and present to Board members at CMA’s Board education seminars.
  • Co-sponsor (with CMA or other vendors) employee events
  • Be listed in CMA’s online vendor directory.

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To Our Boards of Directors

As the leader in the community management industry, we are constantly striving to find ways to serve our clients more effectively. We know that maintaining your associations through the management of multiple vendors is critical to that service. We have a duty to you, as our clients, to ensure that we do everything within our power to look out for your best interest. This includes ensuring that all vendors who provide service for CMA-managed associations meet predetermined minimum requirements (especially adequate insurance and licensing).

After careful evaluation, CMA has contracted with Enterprise Risk Control (“ERC”) to automate our vendor credentialing process. ERC is a company dedicated to managing vendor requirements including credentialing vendors, reviewing documents such as insurance certificates, licenses and W-9s. By leveraging ERC’s platform, we are able to provide greater financial security to your association by minimizing your risk and liability. ERC’s automated vendor portal and intuitive online registration process will streamline vendor interactions, allowing vendors and CMA to centrally track in an accurate and timely manner all important documents, including contracts, proof of insurance and W-9s. This vendor credentialing process is the standard in the multifamily industry. As most CMA vendors have been working in the multifamily space for years, they will be familiar with this credentialing process.

We work directly with your vendors to begin their registration. While we do not expect disruption to your level of service, we know it is important for you to be aware of these changes.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you achieve the vision for your community as much of which is accomplished and made possible through vendor partners.

CMA will continue to bring the latest tools and practices to the community association industry and affiliated professionals. We are offering ERC to our communities at no additional cost to our associations in an effort to add more value to our already robust service offerings. ERC simplifies the process of screening and tracking vendors for all managed properties.

Should you as a Board member have general questions about this program, please contact Brooke Cooler at 404.835.9264 or



Every Homeowners Association (HOA) Board will at some point hire a third party (vendor) to perform certain tasks on behalf of the HOA or to furnish services to the HOA and its members. In doing so, a HOA may be exposed to liability brought about by the vendor’s actions and/or the terms of the vendor contracts. Because such liability may substantially impact the financial interests of the HOA and its members, HOA Boards of Directors and community managers must understand how to properly protect the HOA when hiring a vendor. Credentialing services like those provided by Enterprise Risk Control (“ERC”) transfer the risk exposure back on the vendor.

Before making the decision to exempting or waiving a vendor from being credentialed, there are several items to consider when contracting with a vendor to perform services:

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Vendors

Unlicensed vendors are rarely bonded or properly insured. This increases the HOA’s risk exposure, therefore opening up the HOA to a severe financial risk in the event of property damage or injury. For example, when you hire an unlicensed general contractor, the general contractor and their insurance carriers are the primary payers in the event something goes awry on the job. If that general contractor is not licensed and insured to handle the project, the HOA is general contractor!

If an unlicensed contractor breaks a sewer line, the HOA is responsible. If a worker gets hurt and can’t work for two years, and there’s no workers compensation covering in place, the HOA is on the hook for that workers medical bills and lost wages.

An HOA that hires an unlicensed or uninsured vendor also subjects itself to potential liability for unpaid wage or worker’s compensation claims brought by the vendors’ employees.

The issue of lapsed coverage is also important here, because there are many instances of vendors cancelling their policies during the coverage year with no notification provided to the HOA. Studies have shown that over 45% of vendors have had a lapse in one or more of their policies in the past two years.

Past Financial Practices

Hiring vendors with questionable financial practices (bankruptcies, liens and judgments) can also place the HOA in the precarious position should the vendor not be able to complete the job due to lack of capital or simply walks away from the job after receiving the first payment.

It’s the Law

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S. Department of the Treasury administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on U.S. foreign policy and national security goals, threats to national security, foreign policy or the economy of the United States.

Sanctioned organizations, companies and individuals are listed on the Special Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN) list and other government watch lists. Most are unaware that that they are breaking laws by doing business with people or organizations on these lists and don’t check their vendors against them. As a result of this, many companies and non-profits, large and small, are fined for inadvertently transacting business with U.S. sanctioned organizations. Companies who are slapped with fines, many in the hundreds of thousands and even multi-million dollar range, usually had no idea that their vendor was on one of these lists.

Hidden Dangers with Friends and Family

Hiring friends as contractors doesn’t make the liability and risk issues go away. Everyone can enter an arrangement with the best of intentions, but when your buddy falls off the ladder and files a claim with their insurance company, they may well pay the claim and then go after you in subrogation proceedings (the area of law in which insurance companies fight to get reimbursed after paying their customers’ claims).

In one California case, Mendoza v. Brodeur, a homeowner asked his neighbor to do some work for him on his home. But the neighbor got hurt on the job. The homeowner thought he was hiring an independent contractor who had his own insurance. The court rejected that reasoning, and found instead that the homeowner was the neighbor’s employer and therefore should have had workers compensation coverage in place to cover the possibility of injury on the job. Since workers compensation wasn’t there, the homeowner has to cover the costs personally.

There are scenarios where exempting/waiving a vendor from going through the credentialing process makes sense. But exceptions made blindly, without understanding the impact of the vendor’s failed criteria, greatly increases the HOA risk exposure and inevitable financial loss.

Should you as a Board member have general questions about this program, please contact Brooke Cooler at 404.835.9264 or


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