Seller Services

Closing Letter Requests


For closing letter requests, please go to HomeWiseDocs.

  • Community Management Associates utilizes HomeWiseDocs for all closing letter requests.
    • No emailed or faxed requests will be accepted by the CMA offices.
    • Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina closing letter requests must be received from an attorney’s office.
    • Tennessee closing letter requests may be received from a title services or an attorney’s office.
  • Closing letters are $250 each
  • Closing letters are delivered within 5 business days of an order being placed and paid in full.
  • Closing letter requests are subject to rush fees if requests are made close to the closing date.
    • A rush fee of $100 is placed on orders needed within 3 business days.
    • A rush fee of $125 is placed on orders needed within 1 business day.
  • Closing letter updates may be requested.
    • Updates are applicable on the same transaction whereas the property address, buyer, seller, and attorney remain the same.
    • Updates needed within 30 days of the original order are free.
    • Updates needed within 31-60 days of the original order will be $50.
    • Updates needed 61+ days after the original order require ordering a new closing letter.
  • Owners, mortgagees, purchasers, lenders and their attorneys may request a statement of account/owners assessment information for $10 for Georgia Associations subject to the condominium or property owners act.
    Statement of Account/Owner Assessment Information does not include fees or assessments that become due more than five business days from the receipt of the request for Owner Assessment Information, and/or amounts and/or fees that may be charged a purchaser. Examples of fees that may not be included but without limitation to these are, initiation fees, move-in fees, move out fees, access device fees, pet deposits, fees owed only by a buyer, legal fees, and upcoming or special assessments not yet due from the owner.

Condo/HOA Questionnaire Requests


To request a questionnaire for purchasing or refinance purposes for a condo or single-family home, please go to HomeWiseDocs.

  • A general association questionnaire is supplied for each association.
  • Lender-specific questionnaires will be completed upon request and at an additional cost.
  • Both the general and lender-specific questionnaires are requested online at HomeWiseDocs.

Foreclosure and Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Listing agents or asset managers requiring a statement of account from a foreclosure date forward must submit their request through HomeWiseDocs.

  • Ensure you identify yourself on HomeWiseDocs as a Real Estate Professional.
  • A copy of the recorded Deed Under Power and listing agreement must be included with the online order.

Third-Party Payment Instructions

If you are a third party wishing to pay for a closing letter or questionnaire, go to HomeWiseDocs.

  • Click on “Pay For My Order”.
  • Use the confirmation number provided by your closing attorney or title services company.
  • That party will receive notification when the item is ready for retrieval.

Certificate of Insurance

To request a certificate of insurance, policy, or agent information, please go to HomeWiseDocs.

Termite Letter Request

To request a termite letter please contact your association manager.