Human Resources

The CMA Human Resources Department serves employees and our clients by providing turnkey payroll and benefits administration solutions, as well as comprehensive recruiting and staffing services.  CMA serves as the employer of record for all on-site and in-house personnel.  In doing so, we provide bi-weekly payroll processing services, file all federal and state quarterly and annual tax returns, and manage all employee child support and garnishment issues.  In addition, our benefits administration services include management of the major medical, dental, and supplemental insurance plans, PTO Tracking, as well as supervision of the CMA 401k Plan.

The CMA Human Resources Department also recruits, hires, and trains new in-house and on-site staff, and responds to claims for unemployment benefits when requested by the Department of Labor.  We also oversee licensing and continuing education requirements for Property Managers, as required by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  Our HR team continually facilitates training opportunities for all employees as part of our commitment to continually promote from within whenever possible.  We firmly believe that our people are our greatest asset, and we are deeply committed to developing leaders within our company and throughout the communities we manage.


We are always hiring! To see available job opportunities or to submit your resume, please go to Job Opportunities.


Summary of Services Provided to Managed Communities

Comprehensive Payroll Processing Services:

  • Manage bi-weekly payroll updates and changes
  • Enter new hires in payroll processing system
  • Ensure accurate bi-weekly payroll processing and effective wage management
  • Process off-cycle Bonus Checks as necessary
  • Manage payroll deductions for all insurance and 401k plans
  • Manage accurate 401k match and post to appropriate accounts
  • Facilitate Child Support Garnishments and report to respective agencies
  • Facilitate Bankruptcy Garnishments and report to respective agencies
  • Facilitate 401k Loan Payments and post to appropriate accounts
  • Facilitate direct deposits and changes for employees as requested
  • Maintain legally-compliant Employee Database

Comprehensive Employer Reporting Services:

  • Prepare and submit Annual and Quarterly FUTA/SUTA Employer Tax Returns
  • Prepare and submit Annual Form 5500 re: Employer 401k Plan
  • Report new hires to Department of Labor
  • Generate W-2 Forms annually for all employees on CMA payroll
  • Report employee status changes to Child Support Agencies
  • Respond to inquiries from Georgia Department of Labor
  • Respond to inquiries from Tennessee Department of Labor
  • Respond to inquiries from U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Respond to inquiries from Better Business Bureau
  • Respond to inquiries from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Respond to inquiries from Georgia Real Estate Commission

Comprehensive Benefits Management Services:

  • Facilitate annual plan renewal and annual Large Group Open Enrollment for major medical, dental, and supplemental insurance plans
  • Negotiate competitive Large Group renewal rates for all insurance plans
  • Educate all employees on coverage options for all insurance plans
  • Initiate the enrollment process and Open Enrollment process for all insurance plans
  • Submit enrollment forms and confirm enrollment for new participants on all plans
  • Assist all employees with claims and benefits questions for all insurance plans
  • Coordinate and conduct bi-annual enrollment meetings for newly-eligible 401k participants
  • Educate employees on investment options and enrollment process for 401k plan
  • Submit enrollment forms and confirm enrollment for new participants in 401k plan
  • Maintain accurate company match records and facilitate correct account contributions
  • Facilitate timely Workers’ Compensation claims and provide documentation and updates to insurance carrier as necessary
  • Ensure FMLA compliance and insurance continuation for employees on leave of absence
  • Document and track PTO (Paid Time Off)

Comprehensive Recruiting Services:

  • Source and assist in selection of qualified candidates
  • Coordinate interviews with appropriate members of the management team
  • Focus staffing strategy on proper distribution of workload, diversity, demographics, location, and special needs of the community
  • Provide recommendations of final candidates and start rate proposals
  • Facilitate offers of employment and negotiate salaries for candidates
  • Compile comprehensive new hire documentation and conduct orientation sessions with new hires
  • Maintain legally-compliant personnel records and files for employees’ legal documents such as I-9 Forms, W-4 Forms, and G-4 Forms
  • Facilitate on-site training as appropriate
  • Conduct exit interviews and maintain documentation of Separation Agreements, etc.