Monthly Association Fee Automatic Deduction Form

Community Management Associates is pleased to offer a banking package for the direct deduction of association fee payments from individual owner accounts. This allows owners to pay association fees with automatic drafts in much the same way that many mortgage and loan payments are currently processed. Simply complete and remit an enrollment form and take one more payment off your mind.

The following provides some general information regarding the fee deduction system:

1. Auto-debits are available to associations that have a monthly or quarterly payment plan.

2. Community Management Associates will add your account onto the payment list for as long as you wish to continue this method of payment.

3. Please note: your payment will begin with the next deduction date. If your form is received after the 5th day but before the last day of the current month, your deduction will begin the 5th day of the following month. If you want to inquire about the start of your deduction, please contact the CMA Accounting Department.

4. Homeowners can terminate an auto-debit by giving written notice at least 10 business days before the next scheduled draft.

5. Declined Payments:

a. Insufficient Funds:  Only one attempt will be made to deduct a payment.  A $32.00 fee will be charged to your CMA association fee account for this decline.  Late fees will be assessed after the first decline.

b. Closed Accounts:  If CMA does not receive prior notification of a closed account and payment is declined, $32.00 will be charged to you CMA association fee account.


Print or download the form from this link: Automatic Monthly Deductions Form.

Please remit the enrollment form to CMA:

Mail to:
Community Management Associates
1465 Northside Drive NW
Suite 128
Atlanta, Georgia 30318-4220
Scan to:

Fax to: (866) 737-5318