Potential Client Questions

What should I expect from CMA’s professional management?

The Board and homeowners should expect outstanding customer service.  CMA is managing your Association to protect the integrity of the property to ensure that you have the highest return on your investment.  We hope that we can build a stronger sense of community within your Association.  We accomplish this by enforcing the covenants, making sure the homeowners are paying their dues, and ensuring the property is building money in reserve for future maintenance and projects.  We encourage the homeowners to get involved in several different areas such as serving on the Board, a Committee or just being an involved homeowner.  The people at CMA make the difference in your management experience.  Additionally, CMA has state of the art technology and accounting services to assist the manager and the community in all facets of our service.  Your highest expectations will be met with Community Management Associates.

How is the transition of management to CMA handled?

CMA has an extensive transition plan in place to ensure that the process is seamless.  We have a Transition Coordinator that leads this team, making certain that the procurement of data is received in a timely fashion and imported into CMA’s system.  The Coordinator has a Gantt Chart/Spreadsheet that they follow to address any issues.  The Transition Team consists of the Transition Coordinator, IT Vice President, the Controller, Marketing Vice President, and the Special Projects Coordinator.  They meet on a weekly basis to discuss the needs of each oncoming property.

Will the Board have to devote much time managing the community?

The Board can be involved as much or little as they want to be involved.  This varies in each community depending on the demographics of the community.  Some retirement communities are more involved than some of the working professionals.  CMA can handle all of the day-to-day business of the Association with little involvement from the Board.  The Board will only have to vote on decisions brought forth by the manager. The manager is proactive and when they see items that need attention they will ask permission from the Board to take action.  We like to say that the Board is City Council and the Property Manager is the City Manager.  The Board of Directors makes the decisions and the Property Manager executes the decisions.

How does CMA work with vendors?

CMA handles all vendor relationships.  We work with third party vendors to ensure the Association receives the best price, value and service.  Our vendors know that CMA sets high expectations and realize that they must adhere to these standards at all times.  If you have a vendor that you would like CMA to utilize, then we will work with them as well.  The manager will check their license, insurance and references to establish them as a CMA vendor.

Does CMA ever lose a job, and why?

Occasionally, like any company, we will lose a client.  Typically, this is due to price. Our biggest competitor is the self-managed property because of the opinion that you can never beat ‘free’ service. CMA is not the least expensive management company, however we are the best.  It goes back to the old adage “you get what you pay for”.

What if CMA is asked to leave?

If the unfortunate circumstance arises that CMA’s services are no longer needed, we will comply as requested.  We will ask for an exit interview, so that we may improve any shortcomings in our service for our next client.  We know that there is always room for improvement and like to get feedback from our customers on a regular basis. CMA is the only property management company that has a 30-day out clause in our contract.  We earn your business every 30 days. If you give us notice to leave during one month, your contract will be finished by the end of the next month.  We put all your information onto a CD for your Association.  We make the transition out as easy as the transition into CMA because we are confident that you will come back to CMA.  It’s happened in the past.  Someone will leave for a better price, but will be returning to CMA the following year.

What does the Association have to lose in selecting CMA?

You have nothing to lose by trying CMA.  We earn your business every 30 days.  That’s why we offer our clients a 30 day out. We guarantee that you will be pleased with CMA.  Give us a try.